Joe cell manual

Manual for the assembly and operation of Living cell (Joe Cell)


Precious unique human beings, you get into the hands of a unique solution of Living cell that is in the world known as the Joe cell.
Let me first make you a brief history associated with the natural energy of man. This is due to every culture and often as well individuals, who again met her constant presence, hundreds and maybe even thousands of different names. Such as Orgon, Prana, Mana, zero point energy, Reiki etc. I self gave her many years ago the name The source. But now I know that her name could be more simple, even simpler than, that which I have used at the beginning, that natural human energy.

A Brief History

History of living cell is associated with the names of Wilhelm Reich and Joe. First-mentioned re-discovered this natural energy of man in 30 years of the 20th century in the research of human sexuality, and perhaps also because it gave the name of Orgon. In its conception has Orgon masculine and feminine polarity, and has (in addition to natural flow) even states, that he called DOR and ORANUR (dead and excited orgone). The first condition can be observed in the long term dry weather, the other during a storm or just before it ..
Wilhelm Reich for the treatment and storage of this energy created a device which he called orgone accumulator. Wider interest in this device, however, left in 1957, together with Wilhelm Reich in large part to the grave.
Another variant of the orgone accumulator (a somewhat different solution) came to the public sometime in 1994/95 thanks to the Australian mechanic who identified himself only by the name of Joe. He subsequently in several public lectures held in Sydney has provided guidance on how to construct and operate equipment whose original purpose was drive the car.
One still available sources, which can inspire you to build a Joe cell represents Experimenters Guide to the Joe cell from Alex Shiffer from which I originally drew too. During my experiments, which we march towards free energy. And it is this knowledge with you in the following chapters will share ..

Information field of Live cell

Before I summarize relatively simple rules, which everyone builder should stick due to was him starting cells easier, I will try to outline what informations  are saved in set called living cell (Joe Cell) .
As well as a device called an orgone accumulator, is in the information field cells contained information that helps man to heal. This information, after the assembly cell manifest automatically and for this purpose is the cell useful from the initial  assembly.

Further is here entered information that after a certain evolution of the cell is able to physically manifest contradictions forms of energy that we have become accustomed for generations to use.
So is possible to observe manifestations of implosion which connecting itself with  annihilation of material, antigravitation and motion without any resistence.
Important information  that is here inserted in the cell and lets everyone space for use of potential their own creativity. Is that the in the array of cells are amplified human wishes and ideas of the builder or owner.

Thus, it is possible to then insert wish to implemented in the lights light, heat in heating and so on ...
Restrictions that are given cell yet say that all phenomena, in addition to treating is in the full extent possible to use after  so-called Awakening cell. About that but we will talk more in the following chapters.

How to build a living cell

Basic principles of design

Due, we do not need to put extra efforts to achieve our desired effects, it is good to keep in particular between something that ever worked. And this is the way of constructing the cell.

The selection of material and its adaptation

Since this guide is for cells initiated electrocution, you can only build a non-magnetic stainless steel, as other non-magnetic metals such as copper or aluminum, due to the electrolysis of water very quickly and easily dissolves.

Type Stainless Steel

Magnetism ability is the only essential characteristic by which you must choose. Whether it is steel chemicals or water resistant, or austenitic or martensitic, you really need not worry. The whole thing is so simple that even a possible feud, even though it is usually itself a magnetic suitability for a cell does not reduce. Unfortunately, selecting the non-magnetic tube must always be made personally by appropriate neodymium magnet. I by myself use the magnet 1 * 2 * 0.5cm whose pull out strength from steel is 60N. In the case that the attraction of the magnet to the steel overcome gravitational force is this steel useful for me and its suitability for cell I have already experimentally verified.

Quantity of tubes

For monopolar wiring 3 pipe, which is according to our researches and experiments, the optimum amount. For unipolar fully sufficient 5 pipe.

Height of pipes

Here there is little general consensus, I did have the experience that the larger cell will not guarantee us more power and therefore we produce cells 10 cm high. We can find connections with magic numbers or numerology, but in reality it has so much weight on how deeply you believe this magic yourself.

The thickness of the tubes

Here is impractical to comply with a rule that says that the material thickness should be 2 mm. However, I did not notice that they should have different thickness pipes a major impact on the functionality of the cell .

The diameters of the individual tubes

It is surely unnecessary to use diameters (of outer tube) greater than 12.5 cm. I personally use and prefer diameter of about 8 cm.

In principle, applies only rule that the mutual distance between the tubes should be approximately the same. Practical is for a minimum of 4 mm and a maximum of 10 mm. But there is no science look.

Adaptation of material

If you modify the material in any way, in the case of stainless steel you must follow a single principle. By preparing can not be significantly warm (200 ° C or more), because it may cause distortion of the magnetic qualities of the material. The most common operations include cutting and drilling.
Pipe cutting is ideal to perform by a band saw, because using handsaws requires much more work and concentration. While this is possible, but if you choose this solution, I recommend (to reduce friction and amortisation of saw blades) lubrication cut by oil. When using machine tools must take care to avoid excessive heating of the cut.
For drilling then make sure to use a drill sharp enough. That  should you by itself ensure low heating of material. Stainless steel is also easily drilled at lower speeds.

The outer container

    In the information field cells are already well established, three types of containers.
    1. Glass
    2. Stainless
    3. Plastic coated by aluminum foil
    Other types of containers are not currently resonate enough to the cell to  be I able  recommend them to use .

Assembly of cells and connection

Setup of pipes

Tubes are inserted concentrically to each other. For defining the distance between them using spacers. These rings can form a rubber stopper, which can be bought in the laboratory needs, or can easily be made from an ordinary garden hose, which can you cut up to 1 cm wide rings.
To reduce corrosion of pipes is suitable insulating tape in a place where will be placed spacers and also the masking longitudinal feud of the pipe.

Connecting the electrical contacts

Electrical contacts should be connected above the water level because of the need to protect the contacts against electrolysis.

Connection of electrical polarities

The connection is described for the cell of 5 tubes, there is a possibility to involve her in four ways. I refer tubes 1-5 in order from the center to the periphery.
Conventional circuit Joe cell (male) 1 - and 5 +
Reverse connection (female)  1 + and 5 -
Unipolar connection (male) 5 +, 3 -, 1 +
Unipolar connection (female) 5 -, 3 +, 1 -.
Any involvement has on the environment and human little differently. Classical and reverse engagement enhancing always the perception of one of the parts of a person and the person can then whichever experiencing may recognize the proximity of a given part in itself, it can be said that at the first contact perceived as pleasant classic wiring men and reverse engagement conversely perceive comfortable with women.
Unipolar wiring already behaves a little differently here is perceived subtle but intensive harmonic vibrations that have disruptive effects on anyone. All the circuits, however, have medicinal potential and always harmonize space.

Strength of cells

In this chapter I would like to set the rules currently governing power radiation of cells in relation to their size and number. First, we will discuss the issue of dealing with the question of whether increasing cell size in proportion to its strength grows.
The strength of the cell is formed by four factors,
    1. Users
    2. A water
    3. The perimeter of pipes
    4. Initiatig voltage

The Power of user

This is a important component affecting the operation of the cell, the less restrictions has the user in relation to what we call energy, the greater strength in the cell can occur. Restrictions are truths about the type of energy, characterizing it as in any way limited, and the type of confidence limit themselves when the cell reaches the strength of limitations can not do anything to the maximum, which is I can everything. Potentially, the cell is able to deliver us exactly as much energy as we will need.

The power of water

Here strength does not lie in the amount of water but in the information that water takes from the user and material of cells, so the power of cells multiply its simple presence, not quantity.

The strength of the material

Suppose we have a suitable non-magnetic material. If the cell will increase, will increase the strength of the logarithmic range, it is evident that the limit-existence of power that can be achieved.

Strength of initiation voltage

The initiation voltage has to final strength cells nothing common, their function only affects the rate of increase in the field of live cells, and thus a reaching its maximum speed, which is, however, limited to what has been determined as the first, therefore the user.

Startup, operation and development stage of Live cells

If you have a cell assembled, you are at the beginning of the journey, which is differently long for everyone, but all can lead to the same goal. Cell undergoes development, which is a symbolic level similar to the human fetus, but his time is (unlike pregnancy) for each different. It has to do with the state of your innermost thoughts and willing. It passes through the development together with the cell and if the gradually growing idea that we will run cells, then will gradually overcome all obstacles and cell starts.

Assembling of cell

The cell begins  perceptible to radiate at the time when is assembled.

Filling the cells with water

After filling by water will gain radiation. In principle we can use any potable water. However, it is best to use water about which we think is absolutely amazing, which is often water from natural wells or distilled water. Water is by my knowledge ideal refill at least 1 cm above the upper edge of the tube. In the case of low water level in the cell weaken water currents, which are also a factor in helping cell maturation.

Connecting the cells to a source of DC voltage

If anyone of you before reading this manual or before visiting my seminar  interested himself in the topic of the Joe cell, he learned that the cell goes through three phases. This description is however concerned (in the vast majority) only of development, which we will describe in the next section. Juror electric current is like water, other radiation amplifier cells.
First, I consider it necessary to say here that electricity works primarily as an amplifier or accelerator of a process and it is not possible that she only ensure its successful completion, because (as I mentioned at the beginning), this process is related not only to the cell, but especially with yourself.

Accompanying phenomenons of connection to electricity (former view)

As I mentioned, Joe and his followers distinguish three phases:

Phase 1 - Pure electrolysis
Phase 2 - Brown's Gas Production
Phase 3 - Production purely implosive gas

As a way of recognizing these phases were recommended ignition of emerging bubbles. These cracking during continuous connection to the power supply continuously increased in intensity. From fine crackle in the first phase, to the shot of the gun in the second phase until the shot of the cannon in the third phase.
I will rather expand this concept  also about states that occur before connecting to electricity.

States of cell

Phase 0 - build pipes to the concentric shape - in this phase the cell behaves as a classical orgonite has one of the fields that do not change.

Phase 1 - Filling the cells with water – revival of
After pouring water cell has rightfully name alive. This life is reflected so that the water poured in the cell will never spoil. The water in the cell leads to a more intensive radiation of cells, and can be seen as a more intense dance of orgone.

Phase 2 - How the cell behaves standardly after connection of electricity
After connecting to electricity power of cell growing fast. Is coming to decomposition of water into hydrogen and oxygen while experiencing a gradual transformation from the classical forms of gas to the  implosion. Thus, instead of exploding  bubbles of gas after the igniting will collapses in yourself and  lost. This transformation happens in three phases.

Phase 2.1 - Created bubbles gently bursting after ignition, when is a cell connected to  the test set for implosion does it no reaction, vibrational field of the cell spreads quickly and after switch off the electricity will lower itself about half the distance back to the cell.

Phase 2. 2 -  Created bubbles begin loud banging, when test set for implosion is connected  then should come after maximum of two hours to initiating the reaction in piston. This first reaction will express by misting effect. Misting should be then appeared  at increasingly shorter intervals  again and again.
It is usual that the initial period is about 60 minutes, until the cell is in the second phase will the interval last above 10 minutes.
Vibrational field at this phase is after turned off not for so many shrink to the cell, until on the end of interval will don't shrink at all.
Note to track the time between implosion. Time measuring always start after the initiation of any electrical discharge, even after unsuccessful, because even by this initiation comes to reaction, but was not visible.

Phase 2. 3 - Created bubbles banging. When is connected test set for implosion so interval between fogging drops below 10 minutes. In the piston may occur banging instead of fogging  as in the case of bubbles on the surface of cells. Vibrational field of the cell after switching off the electricity supply is not constricted, but even after turning off spontaneously continues to expand. .

Phase 3 - Ability of cell to live visible life without supply of electricity

Formed bubbles banging. When is connected test set for implosion so interval between fogging drops below 5 minutes.  In the piston may occur banging instead of fogging  as in the case of bubbles on the surface of cells.  Vibrational field either still expands regardless on connection of cell to electricity or is sustained. This state is expressed so, that the cell even after switching finely bubbled, and is capable of initiating a reaction in the piston and no matter if go on of the fogging or banging.

How to care about cell antill reached (we reach) maturity

Maturity of cell we have already described. What is it but our maturity?
It is a shortly 100% belief that the cell will run itself without external power supply. Universe (hence cell) does not distinguish between our conscious, subconscious and unconscious levels. At all three levels must be close to the those of 100%, which is possible to get by multiple ways..
My path that I teach on my seminars (where is possible to assemble the cell), is the identification with the fact that the man is himself the source of his life. By questioning of this source we then recognize the truth about ourself and about the world.

Switching on and off of cell

Here I can only say that it is perfectly okay to disconnect the cell from the network. Do this, as you feel and know that it is good for you and your cell from the fast tempo of the spread of the fields for a while to rest.

Disassembly and Cleaning of cell

If you connect the cell to electrical supply, begins not only with the expansion of its field, but also the harmonization of the field in the space around them and inside. This harmonization is especially initially accompanied by a large amount of impurities in the cell. These impurities clog the cell and therefore must be water pour out from time to time. The water must be changed before will  in the cell flow brown slurry. It is best to determine the amount of impurities after turning off cell where the sludge settles. If Dirt reach to the bottom of the water pipe must be replaced.

Water and work with it

The best is to use soft water if you have somewhere in near water that suits you and is extremely soft then use it, otherwise I recommend using distilled water.

Water exchange

If the water is dirty it should be replaced. It is advisable to have a container approximately equal to the amount of water you use in the cell and the container placed next to the cell . This ensures that water will set the same information as the level of water in the cell.
After this exchange of water will pass the cell quickly throught all the stages, which previously passed through to the last achieved. It usually takes 1-3 hours.

Dismantling and re-composition of the cell

If we must the cell for some reason disassemble and reassemble then, after re-composition is possibly as well with new cell reach very quickly status what was the previous one ..